After two decades, WITHIN TEMPTATION is ready to break with the past. Following up the release of HYDRA in 2014, the new musical era of WITHIN TEMPTATION has never been stronger, as newest record RESIST brings a futuristic take on metal to the table – both instrumentally and thematically.

The message of WITHIN TEMPTATION’S seventh studio album is clear: RESIST. Sharon: “It’s important to resist, because in today’s society people increasingly get oppressed by social subjection – a process fueled by authorities, dictators but also multi-nationals that manipulate and control. We have to break free in order to develop ourselves, especially when we are constantly being controlled and monitored by a higher power”.

This wake-up call soars through the album track list as a sharpened knife. RESIST is armed with ten anthemic tracks, driven by grand melodies and dark hooks. “RESIST is a true milestone for us. If it wasn’t for RESIST, WITHIN TEMPTATION wouldn’t be here anymore.”

Sharon den Adel continues: “With this record, we’ve taken inspiration from modern music and gave it a face - a very dark one. Sometimes it feels that today’s pop music lacks a rebellious edge. Our main goal was to collect pieces from sounds we did like and roughen it up as much as we could, resulting in a surprisingly new musical world that is heavier, dirtier and more futuristic than we’ve ever created before. RESIST is our take on metal in a new way: to give modern music its rebellious edge.”

The new sound of RESIST cuts through bombastic tracks such as ‘The Reckoning’ (featuring Jacoby Shaddix of legendary rockers Papa Roach) as well as the heartfelt ‘Firelight’, that was originally written for Sharon’s solo project My Indigo and features Belgium’s best alternative rock singer Jasper Steverlinck. One of the singles to be, ‘Endless War’, could best be described as a vivacious track that thrives on the melodic hook in the chorus.

It’s safe to say that RESIST is an utterly distinctive metal record that takes inspiration from our modern and future society – both musically and personally - and casts it into mind blowing arrangements and dark melodies. And the most important message of it all?! “Wake up and protect your freedom!”




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